Customer experience and their engagement in retail industry is largely driven by the retail process quality to ensure many customers’ expectations like service interface, store atmosphere, self service facilities, pricing, loyalty programs and past experience with the products. Providing consistent service quality, valuing customers and fulfilling promises positively impacts levels of engagement and finally impact CX pattern to get them attached to the retail chain.

The approach to enrich customer experiences through effective customer engagement is not limited to the customer’s interaction with only the store’s process, rather it’s variety factors which are considered as characteristic happy shopping which helps customers to meet their multipurpose shopping or one-stop shopping. Customer convenience is a major factor contributing for overall customer experience and CSAT and generated CX pattern which fuels customer’s revisit intention. The CX dynamics involved in multiple retail channels in market place and repeated customer experiences within a retail chain or channel is very much relevant to consider the dynamics and composition of the drives of Customer Engagement using comprehensive Survey Reports & Dashboard

Retail - Measuring the customer experience consistency matters - Detail

Haapi framework integrated with CHIExpress dashboard enables to transform CX pattern into customers behavior pattern analysis for each of the influential business objectives to measures for retail industry, which allows you to drill down to real-time data capture as aligned with a successful CX and CSAT program through Haapi framework. The Haapi CX framework allows you to define CX objectives, measures and link them to process and service KPIs aligned with the business objectives.  The modern retail industry customer experience, loyalty program and shopping destinations go hand-in-hand.