BI and KPI - Customer Satisfaction Index

IT enabled customer experience management solution and happiness analysis through Enterprise Survey Platform to visualize customer insights with intuitive real-time survey reports like data analytics dashboard, KPI dashboards, performance dashboards, connected with your CRM, campaign data, ad hock data upload, social media data listening, and focus groups survey data analytics.

Solutions and integrated business process for customer Experience Management framework. Enterprise system and IT applications are aligned to capture customer experience data through Haapi API framework, catering to leaders in healthcare, retail, banking, hospitality, education and public utility services.

Blog Customer satisfaction analysis & BI solution - Detail

Measure Customer Satisfaction Index.

CHI™ Express empowers you with the capability to track and provides the metrics you need to analyze the customer satisfaction and improve the overall customer facing processes. Customer experience and activity analysis and analytics can offer insight into productivity, predictability, and quality.

Customer Service Quality Optimization.

What does business intelligence and happiness index for retail industry mean? It’s when you have a tool powerful and flexible customer happiness index and you are efficient enough to move you beyond traditional BI and get to insights faster and real-time analytics.