Healthcare industry is looking to forward to maximize patient satisfaction and drive through future CX solution. The goal to reduce medical errors and improved patients’ safety and satisfaction created the need for a real-time data analytic and business intelligence tool to drive action points by healthcare executives, COO and stake holders. In day to day monitoring hospital process owners review these real-time KPI for 360-degree view of the healthcare performance by attributes and CX objectives. To eliminate or prevent poor performances the CX dashboard helps you to drill-down to each patient satisfaction KPI linked with key indicators of healthcare like:

  • Admission, discharge process
  • Treatment, pre-operative & post-operative process
  • Diagnostic (Lab & radiology) process
  • Claims & reimbursement process
  • Compliance with SOPs
  • Service complaints
  • Service Level Agreement

CX technologies for patient experience in healthcare

CHIExpress & Haapi solutions are designed to implement Patient Experience Management for healthcare industry, we blended CX capture and reporting services with technology to change the way consumers interact with your healthcare business. We help you discover surprises, patient concerns, CX trends and anticipate needs, improve patient experience, deliver top class service, and eliminate poor performance, negligence in treatment, non-compliance, scope of fraud and identity theft.

Patient Satisfaction - Deatil

The Haapi API framework collects, cleans and presents the real-time compiled CX data to BI reporting tool for measuring unique KPIs across the facility chain, departments, specialty verticals so that decision support system is available to key process owners. The patient experience KPIs like “Patient wait time, “Nursing care” or “Housekeeping”, “Post-operative Treatment” enables proactive decisions by healthcare executives based on real-time data feeds, alerts or reminders by email and SMS when the repeated adverse CX reporting is encountered, SOPs are compromised or target patient satisfaction score drops for a period.

 The future CX solution in healthcare

Haapi CX framework interacts with self-service integrated with smart devices to deliver an efficient, service delivery platform and capture CX data in real-time. Haapi Framework integrated Patient Experience Management objectives and applications around, catering to leaders in healthcare and several other associated industries by delivering results by CHIExpress BI reports.  Healthcare executives have easy and real-time access to patient’s satisfaction data, and drill-down to many CSAT and CX insights with a wide range of classifications like for data aggregation like physician performance, insurance company reimbursements per physician or specialty or department.