IT Consulting that drives and executes strategic approach for disruptive technologies

People & AI Bots Work Together

  • We help you define, design and execute strategies which helps to optimize processes, costs and quality of your products and services. We practice innovative RPA services & solutions to design, develop and roll out projects that aligned to with your strategies. Providing enterprise solutions with best digital experiences that automate processes, reduce costs and time for management and increase efficiency and productivity.

Robotic Process Automation Platform

RPA: People & Bots Work Together: AI enabled Claim Processing: AI guided Medical Coding: up to 65% saving in processing cost: 100% transaction accuracy.

Technology-Oriented Enterprise Solution

Our enterprise services encapsulate IT consultancy, enhanced technical support and next-gen technology solutions aligned with your existing and ongoing IT infrastructure enhancements. Help to implement your Enterprise Mobility Strategy confidently with integrated mobility delivery solutions that connects people to enhance productivity and accelerate business processes.

IT Consulting: Enterprise Automation with AI

Our Consulting Services comprise a comprehensive team of Consultants and thought leaders specializing in IT Consulting and RPA platform AI technologies. We have successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to global customers across industries such as financial services, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, and hospitality industry. We help organizations to use RPA to enable process innovation RPA bots helps people to work efficiently. The idea to transform your process workflow to gain from unattended RPA bots. These AI enabled data analytics recommendations and observations helps to improve the workflows of individual departments, and at an even more granular level, the workflows of individual people within the process.


Automate routine task with hybrid AI, simplifies all stages of creating automations, efrom design to production helps to detect frauds and duplicates for BFSI domain.


Always connected to an enterprise systems and policies to run and manage automationsenabling effortless collaboration between all departments, group companies


Cognitive RPA combines advanced technologies, able to integrate with any application, eto execute a process, automated learning capability pattern recognition

  • Powerful RPA for Event-Driven Aggregation

    Adoption of robotics process automation for deterministic and repeatable processes like in ambiguous, uncertain, complex environments like information security breach detection, penetrations tests, etc. We recommend to use attended RPA bots to manage AI knowledge base, to reduce dependency on attended bots, and proactively avoid process spikes, this is achieved by using policy based trained machine learned unattended bots in Supply Chain Analytics KPI and Text Analytics & NLP. RPA is especially useful when your organization needs to look analyze and detect frauds and duplicates detection for cases processing during Insurance Portfolio Management or AI for Insurance Underwriting and identify claim process bottle necks or diagnose root cause for process failure and re-start the batch process on detection of such failures, using multiple data sources from your current system.

Content Analytics to Ensure Compliance

Make use of the enterprise-grade security and compliance checklists with RPA agents that assure controls and rest assured about compliances like GDPR records management, tracking and comparing which has evolved by using smart RPA enabled inexpensive parallel processing information security compliance issues powered by intelligent data capture, RPA, machine learning insights and AI capabilities.

Capability Building & Future RPA

Combination of unattended and attended RPA, machine learning and cognitive agents to facilitate intelligent process automation or IPA. AI enabled agents to optimize your workflows and digital transformation, enables to orchestrate your virtual workforce with minimal technical abilities.

Intuitive and Scalable

Designed for unparalleled ease of use, ease of transition and seamless scalability. Spend less time setting things up and more time making things happen. AI with all the range of capabilities, demands scalable data processing platforms to leverage the advancement of intelligent AI integration backed by speech recognition, natural language processing, image processing, machine learning platforms using virtual agents by robotic process automation services.