Supply Chain Analytics KPI


To integrate eCommerce System, in shop Retail management System with Supply Chain Management System to provide real-time supply chain analytics kpi Dashboard. Customer wanted to track and measure supply chain KPIs and metrics like inventory levels, logistics management, and warehouse operation like shipping status, overdue shipments, inventory to receive, pending purchase orders, and current inventory levels.


Supply chain management is integrated with eCommerce and Retail management System enables effective at inventory management and logistics with strong control of supply chain KPIs & metrics. The supply chain dashboards provide an at-a-glance window into your operations and enables you to manage ordering, dispatch schedules, inventory management and control, supplier’s delivery schedule management. To improve efficiencies, rationalize costs and enhance competitiveness, we recommend integrated Supply Chain Management system as Logica Infotech Services have deep domain expertise, process improvement and Supply Chain operational excellence.


Improvement in Supply Chain management and standardizing the business processes, improving life business process efficiencies, reducing cost of operations and enhancing current status of each order so you can identify bottlenecks in the system and keep your shipping operations running smoothly. Logica Infotech Services team has developed, implemented and supporting the automated and integrated Supply Chain KPI analytics reports and dashboard for order status tracking, warehouse performance dashboards, shipping status dashboards that proved to have short-term and long-term decisions by management.

Operational Efficiency

Helps to order status tracking and Supply chain dashboards track inventory levels, logistics management, and warehouse operations by implementing process KPIs. Detailed monitoring across the entire supply chain, including metrics such as on-time delivery, to identify delivery issues at any point in the process.

Purchase Process Automation

Efficient purchase order processing like order status tracking KPI, detailed evaluation of vendor performance of on-time deliveries and work order performance had reduced processing from 5 days to couple of hours.  Visibility into events that impact on-time delivery and utilization of resources for better decision-making and risk mitigation.

Warehouse performance

Shipping Status Dashboards: Shipping Status tracking KPI improved decision making and tracking of inventory controls with great improvement in warehouse inventory management enabled SKU wise order tracking and optimize the inventory stock levels.

BI Reports

Improved visibility with dashboards & reporting that track key factors within a supply chain, such as reorder levels, transportation lead times, shipping delays, returns, customer ratings and many key performance indicators. These Insight drives the costs center and profit center KPI tracking within the supply chain and enables managers to allocate resources properly and know where to make improvements.